Diamond Rewards Mark Eaton?

Can someone convince on why I shouldn’t get Mark Eaton over Kyrie? I feel like comparable pg’s are already available and are more likely to come out with packs. Eaton is a dominate center that’ll probably make a bigger impact in offline and online and last longer with power creep. Thoughts?

Hard to play non shooting C online, not to mention with that speed and LQ he’d die in a pick and roll.

I grabbed Serge Ibaka from Amy market and Kyrie from diamond one, while there gonna be comperable or better PGs to Kyrie he’s free and good, you can use MT on other spots to upgrade.


I considered Eaton, but after using Shaq this past week and seeing what 78 stamina looks like, I just cannot fathom 70… and he’s slow AF. In reality even the current PD token rewards are borderline outclassed even after just two drops. They don’t matter much & definitely take whoever you want to goof around with in domination or w/e


He’s got the height but that’s about all going for the card unfortunately. Mark Eaton cards usually don’t work well in MyTeam tbh

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Ended up getting Kyrie. Def don’t regret, his dribbling is elite.

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He will definitely be the first diamond token reward i redeem. As a Celtics fan, I am physically and mentally unable to redeem a Celtics Kyrie card. I do love giant centers, and I could see him being my backup C for a long time after he stops being a starter. Plus, his post stats look waaaaaay better this year compared to years past


tbh kyrie is likely the best choice here in diamond rewards.
I don’t blame anyone for wanting him first

Yeah I’m cooking with him in tto until I pass and force a 3 with Brian Winters. I swear dudes play extra hard on D when they realize I’m trying to do this challenge.

I ended up taking Tom Chambers in the diamond tier as I took Walt Frazier from the pink diamond tier. Chambers has decent speed for a big and passable defense. That’s about all I need from a big for domination. Eaton with that 25 speed was a hard pass and Kyrie would get lost in the point guard shuffle for me

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nah ur right, u should get mark eaton, i mean he’s got insane latteral quickness. He is not like the same thing as ruby mutombo, or mitchell robinson :clown_face:

how did u get to the PD tier so quickly? also, hows Walt?

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Under lifetime agendas there are rewards for doing various things with each team. The 3pters, assists, and dunks for each team give a jersey. If you do all of them, you can lock the sets for 120 total tokens. That basically gave me enough for Walt. And he’s awesome for this stage of the game. He’s very quick, a good defender, and can hit an open 3 if needed. He’s all I hoped he’d be as I casually work my way through domination and stuff.

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word. im surprised you didnt need to lock in any sets to get there. how long do u think it took u to get all those team agendas done?

It really wasn’t that bad. I feel like I was pretty efficient because I was almost always working on multiple things at the same time. And I feel like everyone will eventually get all that stuff done anyway because it’s just normal gameplay stuff.

true, what was the main mode you used to get all those done?

Tt seems best for 3s, domination and challenge games seem best for dunks. A lot of what I did was cleanup after checking out different modes. I’ve played all the modes to check them out. I played a bit of draft mode and got quite a bit of progress from that. The randomness of the lineups really helped.

I got eaton as i plan to do the all time dom. put some speed and ball handle shoe. I might get kyrie soon as i will complete all the token balls, but will get derrick rose so kyrie will not be in my squad.

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Mark Eaton averaged 6 points per game over his career while averaging 29 minutes per game. He holds the NBA record for most blocks averaged. So he’s never been an offensive center, he was an elite rim protector. And to everybody complaining that he can’t shoot - well, he shouldn’t. We all want a more realistic game right? Or do we? Maybe we don’t.

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