Diamond Rewards Info (Advice Needed)

I have Melo, Baron, Camby (that I use), and Peja (that I don’t really use). I have enough tokens for 1 more diamond, and I’m curious about 2 that might fit my team.

Marques “Dominique Wilkins” Johnson:
Does he compare at all to ‘Nique from last year? Is he any good? I could always have fun with a nice slasher.

Paul “Pistol Pete” Westphaul:
I love amy Pistol Pete and I’ve been using him for quite a while. Does Paul have all the same animations as Pete, or just the nickname on 2KMTC? In theory I could pick up Paul and have him fit seamlessly into my team, and sell Pete… but that all hinges on the animations.

Charlie Scott looks incredibly tempting, and Dantley looks decent too. Any reviews of those two would be helpful too. Reed and Lewis look like hard passes until it’s time to unlock the PD market… unless all of a sudden Rashard is not soft and slow, like last year.


How can you not use Peja? :frowning: My first pick and the only one I still use.

Westphal is awesome though, he has the same animations, super fast behind the back and I found his moving shots very reliable.

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I just like J.R. a lot better due to his athleticism.

Lewis annoys me. But I just can’t quit him. A 6’10 3 and D player than can play SF/PF.

I personally prefer Scott to BD. I benched BD, moved Scott to my 2nd unit, and started PD Stockton when I got him.

If you want a lockdown PG, Scott is your guy. If you want a lights out shooter, not so much. But with a shoe, his shot is fine for catch and shoot. Just too slow to try and get off behind screens onball and shit.

All that said, I do see the merits of BD, and have him ready to swap with Scott, if I need more offense/shooting from my PG (I tend to let Melo run my 2nd unit, so I prefer Scott for the defense).

I never used pistol Pete, so I didn’t give westphal much of a shot. Same with Johnson/nique.

Reed is meh, but some guys say he’s a post beast. I found his animations too sluggish personally.

I gave dantley a couple tryouts and was all set.

I rub baron and Charlie scott and they work pretty good for me. Scoot is 6’5 and he will perform standing dunks over those smaller guards in the paint

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Who do you have as other swingmen? I mean JRs athleticism is nice, but Peja just shoots uncontested 24/7.

I usually run some combo of Rudy Gay, J.R., Melo, and KD. I’m going to try out this new Mo Pete, and I also keep Iggy around as whatever I need (1-3).

Do you prefer Wilkins, Maravich, or Penny Hardaway? Johnson/Westphal/Scott are all identical to these players

Penny all the way… I used Penny way after he was outdated last year. Looks like Scott is leading the race.

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He’s really good, you can’t go wrong with a 6’5 PG

Goddamn… I didn’t notice the 70 standing dunk. That’s crazy for a PG. Plus, I like Charlie’s ruby a lot.

He comes with 82 3 ball (86 with casey) but it feels much better than that.


I mean, I would easily run him over all of these, but that is me, I guess :smiley:

Ooooooh lord… his tendencies :heart_eyes: Ok, locking up Charlie lol.


I still like Peja’s shooting and height, but he lacks the athleticism that fits my playstyle the best. My offense runs around like crazy in half court, and he stumbles sometimes for me with all the movement.

Charlie is nice, im looking at bringing him back in and selling iggy just to save some mt, with kobes he has 99 swb

Baron and Charlie will be my first 2 locks

Gonna be able to get my first diamond possibly when I finish All Time Dom. Still undecided on who I want tbh

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I’m right there with you tk!

So close

But Baron and Charlie look perfect for me

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As someone who has all the PDs from the token market unlocked & player of the month rewards… the only token diamonds still in my bench or lineup at all are Melo, Lewis, and Camby.

Size is important on defense, the other good ones I used until I got better options were Baron and Peja

Westphal has a very slow release, Scott has a very slow release, Reed was undersized and Dantley can’t shoot. Johnson could be ok but I always had better options on the wing so I never gave him any burn at all

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