Diamond pierce unstoppable

Picked him up for my Celtics team and he’s been my most effective offensive weapon. With a perfect post fade with shoe he’s become an amazing scorer. The best is when he heats up he gets sharpshooter and lockdown badges.

His post fade is the best in the game right now


With the white kobes he’s a monster…

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I see people hating on him but I was thinking about grabbing Pierce as my first PD reward

All I know is that his dimaond is a beast. His crossovers are so quick he’s deadly.

I think it will be him who gets the duo with KG

in June

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It’s great that he has sharp and lock for his takeovers

Okay, glad you posted about this.

So…PD Pierce…the same, and better at all things as this card - except a minus 3 for standing layup…I earned PD Pierce from Tokens…why would anyone spend MT for this card?

I thought this card would be 40K BIN same day…so…tell me…what am I missing?

Was thinking the same but you know when they drop multiples of same card usually means duos coming eventually. Maybe rondo or ray

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So which card is better diamond or PD? I have the Pd sitting in my collection

What is his release like?

Slowwwwww as shit

Same release as PG, and yet people love PGs release and hate on Pierce, this forum, go figure.

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People can’t handle the truth

PG is a bit easier to green imo, definitely not same release but similar. Also PG is significantly better in defense, especially steals. He is compared to 6 hof badged card, dunno what it would be if he had same hof badges. That small lq and height difference is noticable in games. Pierce looks smaller than 6’7 and PG has a huge model.

Diamond, of course! Less attributes, no HOF badges. Wait for an Amy, it’ll be even better!

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PG is better defender, but Pierce is much better shooter, those badges make a lot of difference and i have no problem greening his 3s.

PG release is quicker

Pierce is a player that if you’re a sim player does it all, anytime I run a play for him he’s money, I have the pd tho, but with the diamond other than the badges not being that far off I’m sure he plays the same, all I do with him is run plays to him then his post fade is money from anywhere