Diamond Pg13

Passed up on a Diamond PG13 with white Kobe AD’s and a diamond contract yesterday for 100k BIN, PS4.
Already own PD Giannis, Diamond Durant and Diamond yellow LBJ with plenty of MT (~600k).
Was that a bad decision? Kind of regretting it given the MT to be made flipping cards atm and how easy that 100k would have been to make back.
Kind of holding out for PD durant as well. I feel sorry for the everyone once that card is released.
Top forum btw. Much better than reddit.

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Yeah, that was a goof on your part.

Hahaha cheers for the honesty. 10 mins after I passed on it I thought that would have been a pretty fun card I wouldn’t have to spend another cent of mt on

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yeah man that was a must cop. dude is damn good.

vanilla pg13 goes for 100k. contract 20k shoe 40k

So it looks like I fucked up… cheers fellas. Learning curb.

That pg shoe is worth a lot. Any card with it bin is a good cop. I mean unless its lonzo ball lol