Diamond Pettit

For those saying this card is trash are mistaken. He you were lucky enough to get the card badge him up with limitless and deep deadeye, thrown a diamond shoe on him and your set. His release is fast but it’s slightly slower than kiki’s. For me I hate fast releases but I’m barely missing with him as he hits most shots without greens. Lateral quickness is terrible but he is long as hell and has decent block shot rating so he is very serviceable as long as the other team isn’t attacking him directly. And just for added spice he rebounds like crazy on defense and almost always spots up on offense!

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Pettit or porzingas

His release is really good but thats about it IMO. good situational stretch 4.

The PD will probably be a cop for me.

Hard to not pick 7”3. But badged up id go with porzingod. Pettit is free though

He doesn’t start for me either, I actually will run miles as my backup 4 and bring in Pettit when miles can’t hit a shot or run past people

Pettit is exceptional for a free card. Smoothe release and finishes strong in the post even off a dribble drive. Great backup to Issel for me. Way better than Mo Lucas


You just don’t want him chasing KD, Melo, LeBron around. Most traditional PF he can guard. Good rebounding and shooting makes him a viable card. Way better than most free cards you could get

With all the off ballers you can never have enough shooters that can rebound as well

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Did u get him?

Post fades of his are rather awkard.

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Yeah bro thankfully. He is solid

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Anyway, who is the best free card so far?

I got lucky and got him, haven’t used him. Just played a guy on TTO who was offballing and I just ran right by Pettit past him 4 times in a row with Melo and dunked it. I do have the cp3.x on him so he has a boosted SWB, but it was easiest blowby without any effort. He’s pretty slow and low lateral quickness, but he does have a nice shot. Tried it in practice and it’s so easy to green. Maybe a speed shoe will help. Gonna try him out later tonight in MTU.

I think petit by far. I liked Jerry west when he came out then after a couple days I couldn’t hit a shot with him. Hoping they don’t nerf Pettit the same way

Okay bro thanks hopefully i could get pettit

I didn’t get Jerry (hit for Wilkins and Amy Kemba) but seems like each time I’ve played the logo he can’t hit shit from the perimeter

That first day I couldn’t miss with him. And he had good defense at the time. Now he’s undersized, too slow, and can’t dunk. He’s good for TTO though

Who is calling him trash? It’s a solid diamond you can get for free

Lol that’s where we are now with 2k… free diamonds are considered trash

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I saw a few post today lol