Diamond Pettit up for 4 hrs on PS4

If you need him for Pippen, nows your chance.

You sniped him didn’t you? Lol


I bought like 5 of them to flip. I have one left, but I won’t post him until there isn’t any up for awhile. I got 317K for this one.



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Daruler is a genius. You acted fast on that one. I completely disregarded sets due to the volatility of the ah. It’s still snipe city if you know what you’re doing but I didn’t anticipate demand for any of these sets. Pippen never even registered in my mind. Super brain fart. I am super surprised granger didn’t get a duo with George!

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It makes you wonder if 2K plans on dropping more duos, but I really believe that they’re done.

Yeah I think they’re done. Congrats on the flipping. I was tempted but I gave up never thinking once they’d give Drazen away.

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But the game is over. People still paying a ton to complete sets ?

Oh yea for Pippen. I spent 310k 2 nights ago and that was a bargain for the entire set. I keep seeing pettit alone sell for more than 350k alone. I got him for 180k the other night very surprised.

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If only I could find one for the loooow, then I would totally lock

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There was 5 posted in a 20 hour range. I watched the first one sell for 370k, then the next two were ending in about an hour about 20 mins apart. So I figured with the two so close I could possibly win the second one on the low (hoping ppl had fallen asleep or ran out of Mt) the next one ended at 236k, luckily nobody went over 180 on the next one because there were 2 more I guess. I overpaid for rondo as I see him for 36k today but I sniped the rest. You did get that Bron @Ryan don’t get down on your luck, keep looking

Yeah, I did sell my Rondo with curry 3 for 85k just to capitalize on the craze, assuming he would def be lower at some point. However, I will miss that scrappy bastard with a 3-ball lol.

I sniped another megaloBron for 58k today :smiley:

Come here, Bob! lol

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Damn Ryan!

I tried to find one for low, but never seen to be in at the right time

No Bron snipe is safe around you!

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Great ZEUS! He is up to 352k with 3 hours remaining!

I have been super diligent at times. Locked-in.

I see that.

@daruler022 is about to reel off 1.5 mil on a 70k investment lol

Another MegaloBron :flushed: