Diamond Penny or PD Payton?

Penny card art and stats look great. Wondering if he’s worth replacing magic or payton? Would be fun to run with PD shaq.

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I think payton has better defense with HOF Dimer. Would be great for lob passes with shaq.

For sure. Penny just looked like a dope card with great size.

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I’ve only used Penny but he is definitely underrated. He’s tall, solid on defense, gets steals and does just about everything on offense

He also throws down some sick dunks. But only heard good things about Payton aswell


Yup you are right I fought many penny at point they offball me and penny got steals damn offballer anyway both are amazing cards.

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Payton is a beast. Especially because he has 80 strength. I just love point guards haha. But with PD Payton and Magic, I’m just not sure he’s worth the replacement. I dno what to do

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You better keep magic and payton they are the best non cheese PG duo IMO

Yeah both Magic and Payton are probably better. I actually got rid of Magic and picked up Penny and haven’t really regretted it, I think Penny is more fun to use while Magic feels pretty basic

If these Chinese New Year packs come out tomorrow might be a good time to pick one up for low to test

How is penny more fun? Just curious

I think his release is pretty smooth, similar to Pippen and can be a consistent 3 point threat when open (shoe/coach). I also feel like I get more steals playing onball (can boost to 98) with Penny over Magic and he has some crazy dunk animations

But overall Magic still probably is more effective with those badges.

Penny is so good. He is arguably better than magic. I have them both. But i cant say anything about payton cause i dont have him but imo 6’4 is too short and i think penny is way cheaper.

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In what ways does he play better than magic? I’m bored of magic but he’s pretty damn godly.

Payton is the best pg in the game.


Giannis disagree

Payton clamps Giannis with his shitty as ball control. And The Freak came guard him either. FACTS @Shoko

No one can guard Giannis, especially 6’4 pg…

Payton can. Magic can. Porzingod can. The goat Darius Miles can. he ain’t that great.

I would never let Payton guard Giannis but against most pg/sg, he clamps them up. He clamps magic and penny too

Giannis is overrated. if you have good skills on ball hell clamp him man. RIP city with the steals.

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Let me also add I have a mountain of giant wings such as AK and Giannis who could guard Giannis lol