Diamond Oscar Or Diamond Marcus Smart

which one would you guys use as your backup point guard and why. minus duos

Oscar plays like trash for me and I don’t know why

damn really? im about to lock in the set. im gonna use jimmy, giannis and embiid. i have smart alrdy but oscar seems funny to me.

I don’t know why Oscar plays like that for me, but Giannis doesn’t :slightly_smiling_face:

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Haha cant wait to lock him in. I pulled 3 jimmys outta 2 10 boxes so ill get oscar in a few hours and then kidd tonight

Lol I got 2 Jimmy’s and sold 1 for 100k bin

I dont know how two of them can be in same sentence.

That marcus smart is pretty damn solid for me lol. 3&D and he jam it down.

thats the problem with myteam this year