Diamond Oscar and PD Kareem Or Diamond Kobe?

I’ve got 250k and I’m indecisive in what to get to improve thinking Oscar and Kareem or getting kobe

:thinking: Looks like you already got Kareem bro. :upside_down_face:

Yeah my bad wrong lineup. Fixed it

With that lineup, I’d go Kobe. Do you have a serviceable big to put in the 11-13 spots?

I run a 10 man lineup but could put Eaton in or camby and Maurice lucas

Yeah, Kobe all day bro.

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Just sold my oscar Kobe and kd tonight. Only because I have magic and then manu at back up pg.
In my opinion
Pd kareem> oscar
Oscar=Kobe .

So start posting up and over the head lobbing it up to Kareem and lock down everything!

Oscar +Kareem = best value.

With Kobe you are paying a premium for the first must have of many better sg’s. (Diamond tmac, diamond vince, 97 Kobe, any mm. And also paying for the name. Not many know about the oscar or even the leading point scorer in comparison.

Just noticed you have magic. Get diamond klay and pass to him once he passes half court and you good.

You already have two Kobes in Manu and Hill. I See absolutely no need for him. Geht Kareem and save up

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Now the question is do I get diamond KD and PD Kareem?

Oscar and Kareem. Two players that are arguably the best at the position fo the tier. Dont sleep on Oscar.

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What about KD and Kareem and I run Hill at PG off the bench

Can you afford the Diamond KD and Kareem for 250k?

Not Kareem anymore but I’ll settle with KD because rn he’s ludicrously cheap

The Diamond? What’s he going for?

Just under 150k. Around that range I was able to get one with a diamond contract for 155k

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