Diamond Nikola Vucevic?

Dropped 30 20 and 8
What you guys think?

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Prolly ruby or am

He already got ruby and Amy moments

AD with 45 and 15 rn

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Capela, Trae, Joe, Kyrie, PG, LeBron, and im sure a few more all have the same tier moments aswell. It’s really just about how they played and in my opinion that performance isn’t worth a diamond.

He’ll get a diamond as will AD

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I’d love a Vucevic diamond but I’m pretty sure didn’t even hit a 3 tonight so his rating would be stupid weak

Yup 0/1

48/17 for AD. I’d say we see a 95 DI.

Ya maybe

0-2 from 3 :grimacing:


That’s tough

I was hoping Luka gets a card but I know it’s not happening lmao

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Yo shout out to my boy Nikola ballin out in a contract year, tryina get dat cheddar

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Nah tryna get them my team cards before the chedda

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I mean he still don’t play D but he’d be a nice replacement for Brook Lopez at the 2.

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Hmm :thinking:

Vucevic boutta be the best 2 in the game

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Also maybe Russ moments as well dropped 40 12 8

Fuck if only he padded for 2 more rebounds