Diamond Myles turner?

Have 60 tokens and looking for someone to compliment Tmac and Dr.J on TTO. Is he any good?

Great defender. Insane dunking. Jumper is nice. Fast. Can handle the ball a bit. Great diamond. Id say slightly worse than Boogie or KAT.

he has been a great backup center for me in unlimited, quick easy release and blocks/dunks for days, not a postup player tho

He looks godly not gonna lie

@VinnQuinn does work with him

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Eh. One of the weaker elements of this card imo. His dunking animations are too basic imo. Dude dunks like a park big waiting to unlock any dunk package. Jumper is green once you learn that lil hitch to the side. He’s no Thurl damnit. But he magically scores 10+ every games. He’s quiet but efecient. Great defender as well. Can switch with little to no problems

Ive gotten a good amount of posters. Honestly you want basic dunks. Less likely to be blocked. Just put the ball in the basket dont windmill lol.

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I have south beaches on mine. Trying to dunk on the break with a clear path to the basket is like borderline suicide with how slow the animations are. Sometimes the flasher, less gathering time dunks are better in certain situations. I’ve yet to see one remotely flashy dunk with the guy. That’s honestly my only complaint other than his post fades. Wish he had the oden/Jokic/, DRob. Does have great shimmy fades though

His post game is bad but he’s a good pick and pop / catch and shoot big.

He’s too short/skinny to guard Yao and Sabonis but he can guard any other big in the game.

For 60 tokens he’s a solid pickup.

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Tyson chandler imo huge player model isn’t a stretch big but he can body ppl and a d monster

Is there any way to make Tyson Chandler post takeover with DAntonii? If not go with Turner

He just moves people out of the way… it reminds me of Shaq in 2k17

I picked up Myles today and my God he has some of the worst defensive instincts in this world. Idk if it’s tendencies or what, but he made just about every possible positioning mistake he could when I wasn’t user-ing him, even with defensive settings fixed.

Y’all making me feel alot better about Tyson Chandler. I was sick when I woke up and saw Myles.