Diamond MPJ is the best Diamond in Myteam

A Ben Simmons with a 3 ball! Oh wait, there is one. But this one cheaper



Click bait lol

You know this is so damn false lol

I’m glad he is the best player in YourTeam :grimacing:

Where I come from this is called yellow journalism


I would say false, but I used to Completely destroy teams with gold MPJ at point guard in MTU early on lol

Best player in myteam is a bit of a stretch😂
But to be fair he actually does compare relatively well to Ben Simmons
400 less attributes but at least a 100 of those attributes include hands/passing vision/durability which mean basically nothing
And the rest of the 300 attribute decrease is relatively balanced across the board
So yeah attributes wise basically a Simmons with 10ish worse attributes in each stat category except 3 ball which he’s slightly better in and less HOF badges

This MPJ is amazing, but the BEST player in MyTeam? Best Diamond sure. Competes with PDs sure. Do I prefer him over GO Malone? Sure.

But the best? That’s GO Giannis.


Wow MPJ over Malone is high praise
Do you like Malone less than Opal Blake?

Nope. Malone > Blake.

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Wow I just wanted to gauge how much you like Malone because i’d Consider him one of the better Opals in the game
If he’s really that good i’m Scooping him up ASAP

He can wear any shoe now. What shoe is best?

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Same, I just noticed then, did they literally just change it now?

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Just my opinion, but MPJ is fast, his release is great, he’s taller than Malone… I dunno, I just love the card. :slight_smile:

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They changed him and ayton

Not just them, but everybody doesn’t need need a shoe now in the set. Even Zhaire doesn’t require a certain shoe now

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Looks like these sets prices will skyrocket now, and I might want to cop MPJ now

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Porter honestly is probably one of the better back up sfs. Good handles size strength cheesy release.

No hof catch n shoot, no 3 point plays, ugly fade, no d badges. Nice release, good crossover, tall. Good card for 20k. Sold him for 40


No he isnt.

Is he basically new hedo?