Diamond MJ updated now has a 90 three ball

Wowww I regret selling mine now

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83 was too low

Walking L.

Did you put him on auction or for BIN? If auction you will still bank. If you sold BIN that’s a significant L and honestly should absolutely submit a support ticket to 2K.

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No I listed him for bidding was one of the first ones up so I got around hour and 30min left. I hope I bank only way I can make up for it. I just wish I kept him. I feel like the ones ending tonight will bank more too because nobody really even knows his 3 was updated.

Either way you should submit a ticket to 2K. They might give you some MT if you argue you wouldn’t have sold him if he had the updated stats before you posted him. Of course they might argue that it will help your auction sale price, but you can be firm in that you would not have sold him if he had those attributes to begin with.

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Good call I’m going to try that.

They prob have a disclaimer like content expected to change.

Try to file a ticket I guess.

But it doesn’t matter. You’ll make more than enough MT to buy him back for cheaper later tonight or tomorrow or within the next few days.

Your auction didn’t close before the Rating was changed. You’ll profit for sure.