Diamond Melo and Diamond Malone incoming!

Check the Historic Playoff Collection!

Diamond Melo

Diamond Malone

RIP Pd Melo owners.

wats up with all them sapphire rewards? interesting… oh and I hope Malones cheap

They have to update the PD Melo badges, right?

I’m excited for Malone!

Sooooooo glad I sold PD Melo lol.


Oh shit Malone is a beast! Too bad melo’s defense is meh

Lord, please let me pull this diamond Melo. I vow to start a charity one day if I do. Amen.

Been waiting on this melo

If you guys had to choose would you go with Diamond Melo or Diamond Bird?

And now Webber is completely obselete in comparison to this Karl Malone. Which makes sense as Malone is among the top 5 PFs of all time. Whereas Webber was always really good, but something always felt just a little bit off.

And this carmelo? That speed, his release. Hmm Hmm.

Bird all day for me. Better defense, easier release to master for me. Some people prefer super quick releases, plus Melo is 10x better off the dribble. It all depends on what you need

Lol I’m a fan of the cheaper option so I’m probably gonna add Melo to the squad in a few days. Now I need to decide if I’m gonna swap Amy Worthy for Diamond Malone. Amy Worthy has been incredible but that Diamond Malone looks like a juiced up version of Worthy!

If diamond Malone is BIN he’s a must cop. I can’t stop looking at his stats and badges

Malone with a 90 Open 3PT is disrespectful to diehard NBA fans. This rating is almost as unrealistic as Wes Unseld’s three point shot and Kareem’s as well.

Well I’ll be damned…

If 2K does something like this, that means a 98 Klay isn’t impossible, and if not a 98 Klay it would definitely be a 96 Klay.

Any chances of seeing Diamond MJ still?

man that amy malone was problems with good post / pnr users. that diamond is gunna be a nightmare

So we’re gonna have a pullable 98 Melo the rest of the year? Damn

If that Malone hits bin I’m copping asap

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