Diamond Malone or AD?

Anyone have experience with both? Just trying to figure out if AD’s marginal height advantage beats out Malone and how they play in-game

Malone with a diamond swb shoe is unparalleled. Short of that you can’t go wrong with either.

AD provides a very small advantage in rim protection and rebounds, but Malone whoops his ass at everything else… and Malone is still pretty good at protecting the rim and rebounding.

I got Malone with 3pt/ speed with ball shoe. He does everything. I like his jumpshot and his ability to dunk over defenders the most.

I know ill get shit for this, but I hated karl Malone. I had him on my godsquad and he wasn’t grabbing boards for me at all. I picked up amy kristaps with a diamond shoe giving him 99 off & def reb and I haven’t looked back

There’s no such thing as rim protection in this game, all big mans no matter the badge would fall victim to the 100 dunk tendencies players so get Malone with a speed with ball shoe

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Dude I am with you. Picked him hated him, sold him off. Then they released his duo with Stockton. I pulled stockton so I decided to give it a second try and this time I’m all smiles. You have to use him with the duo and a +9 ball control shoe so he can speed boost. Night and day difference.

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He can speed boost with the duo and shoe??? Like actual speed boost dribble move???

Yeah!!! I’m 9-1 this round with the duo in my lune up

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I like ad more at pf.

Now im rocking pd admiral at pf with shaq. Killing on boards with them

Malone for sure! I don’t even have the duo with Stockton and he’s money. Hopefully I can pick up Stockton for a good price this weekend.

My malone has red kyries and locks up PD Giannis.

Amethyst porzingod has been phenomenal for me so far man, him and diamond hakeem in my front court is too deadly

Hakeem doesn’t 9/10 times he blocks you

I’ll stick with my Diamond McHale for now and hope for a duo. Him and Malone are pretty equal except McHale never had sex with 13 year olds or refused to acknowledge his children so I’ll stick with him.

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Naw dude, my diamond hakeem gets boomed on all the time by players that have no business dunking on him. For example, just last game, amethyst John starks pulled out some Zach lavine dunk contest windmill and put hakeem on his ass lmao, game is a joke

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I have Malone with the diamond 3pt and SWB shoe and I have the duo with Stockton. He’s an absolute monster. I have diamond AD as my backup PF with the same shoe and he’s also amazing. I really can’t decide who I like more to be honest. AD looks clean AF with those all white and gum colored shoes.

I put up my Malone with a D shoe that makes him as lockdown he can be. Only because I think I have a logjam at 3 and 4 and have to sell some cards. Think I prefer McHale’s badging and post game over Malone’s speed.

But Malone has been really good. The speed is great, esp with ball. Great, very versatile defender who can do well from 1 through 5. And he’s money for me from 3 even without shoe boost…and I usually play with Pop so he’s nerfed. Didn’t shoot much with him but his per game averages we’re 0.5 per 0.7 attempted per game.

Thanks for getting back to this Harry, I’m still trying to figure out if I want to change Malone, I’ve found his defense to be very good and his 3 point shooting has been pretty good without a shoe. Him and McHale are so similar stat-wise and I was thinking of switching to McHale as well, you mind expanding on your experience with McHale?

Hm is Malone right now?

Malones like 70k

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