Diamond limitless lebron xb1 ending in 20 mins very cheap

someone go grab my lebron 97 limitless range version it ends in 20mins current bid 187k the next one that ends in an hour is at 206k. Mine has a defensive shoe on it thats not that necessary but a nice added bonus.

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I saw that one up there I’m thinking of getting him but not sure because of the upcoming promo Friday. I wonder who will be released

Your lebron is at 204k now. I would have to bid 225k to get him. You’re gonna make a decent amount of mt after tax, but y didn’t u keep him?

hes a beast man but i think i want that mj

i need that bron to hit like 215k atleast for me to have enough mt for mj im screwed bruh.

Yeah looking unlikely still at 204,996 mt with 3 minutes left. How much mt do you have already?

If your lebron sells at 204,996 you will have exactly 184,496 after tax. Mj goes for about 250k I think.

Get Kobe with red kyries instead far batter than the Jordan card imo

i got 40k , prolly will take some luck and time for me to get mj with the amount ill have .

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You are not far off at all. If you can get about 10k more you should bid on one without shoe. I’ve seen him go for 230k a few times

Is he really? I’ve never had that Kobe with the red kyrie’s and how much does he go far

I sniped him for 120k but he’s always up around 200 a tad cheaper than mj. I can make good mt off him but he’s averaging 28ppg in 15 games so I just cant

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Sounds good but me being a Mj fan I gotta stick with MJ. Not sure if the diamond is worth the price tho. I’m thinking either the diamond or an Amy with a shoe

Ah fair enough haha. I got the amethyst with a shoe but I just sold him

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