Diamond Lebron

There’s a slot for him under lakers moments cards…

@Awanz @TheSnowMan

Told y’all boys. 30 minutes.

How much you think he’ll go for?

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Depends on stats and badges.

Lol I said 4-5pm

A lot

Time to open those TTO moments pack and prove the theory


Is he already in the packs?

my body is ready

Gotta be 90+ 3PT for me to even contemplate. And some HOF badges

Holy shit 2x takeover.

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He shot pretty good from deep so he should have a good 3pt rating

HOF Limitless

Awesome, not going to get him. Just want the pack “garbage” to complete collections for Duncan.


I’m hard

Probably 89-90 3 ball

For when stats are posted;

Ahhhhhhh why you gotta do this 2k