Diamond lebron, Kobe, PG

Need an sg and sf for my bench. Can get only two of this three. Who to pick?

Kobe and pg are both better than lebron imo. Do you already have Odom?

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No, tried him two times but can’t play well with him. Sometimes is incredible and others miss everything. I have tmac and giannis starting at 2 and 3

Kobe and PG imo, not usually a fan of Bron cards till they start getting crazy especially if he gets a moments on a hot shooting night from limitless.


Kobe for his release and HoF clamps and PG for his size at SG. Why not go PG and KD?

Kobe and PG. Lebron is actually very good but his shot is not as smooth as the other two. If you can time it well, Lebron is a bully in the paint and on defense. Kobe is still one of the best cards in the game even with opals and PDs out

Yes also KD might be an option at the 3. I feel very confident with Kobe release. Usually also with lebron, depends if he’s dominant in the paint and can shoot consistently or not.
PG also worth at the 3?
How is KD defense?

PG is still a top tier card with his animation, and I would recommend him over bron or KD.

I sold PG a while back while he was still 200k and run KD at the backup 3 since I have Klay locked. I love KDs release and he finishes really well at the rim. Just beat a famous YouTuber last night with KD scoring a ton of points off the bench. He has bronze clamps only but seems to stay in front of other 3s well due to his big player model.

I think PG still the better overall card, mainly for the defense and much better dribbling.

KD has pretty good defense and with PG at the 2 and KD at the 3 this gives your bench similar size as the starters.

PG is definitely good at the 3 spot as well. Jimmy Butler is another great option.

:gem: Kobe and :gem: Eddie Johnson

I just had to let my diamond Lebron go, PD Giannis kept him in check so it’s time to switch it up, atleast until we get point guard LeBron

I’ve bought kobe and PG. Found both for 90k so not bad. I’ll wait for better version of lebron and Kd to try them. Kobe and pg seems to be better for their value.