Diamond Kobe worth getting now?

Title. He’s going for bout 100k on Xbox, is that okay or overpay?

Kobe is a :lock:

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Nah that Kobe is a great card and we probs won’t get a new Kobe for a bit (still a tmac and others before then). He’ll hold value for a bit so 100k is decent.

I grabbed a Stockton for 98k on PS4. Anyone think that he might stay low or bounce back up? He was about 160 pre super packs

Kobe has bounced around 100k for a bit before superpacks. Def still a great value though.

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I could have overpaid by 200K for a Kobe card and still be happy. He’s really that good.


Kobe is a monster. Get him.

im surprised Kobe and George even rise after superpacks drop

Grabbed him bin on Xbox after reading everyone’s posts :sweat_smile:

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I just started playing and pulled him in one of the three single packs I bought for ten dollars. Seems pretty good.

As a Timberwolves fan I bought Amethyst Marbury with a Diamond shoe that boosts three point shot, steal and something else for 18 K MT…is that a good buy or did I get ripped off? I can not make threads.


Great buy.

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Kobe solid