Diamond Klay Thompson on AH Xbox

How much he is worth?
Is 400k should be enough for him?


I have Hondo and I love this card, but Klay realise and limitless bage is automatic from deep.
Had him before and sold him, now I won’t to get him back🤔

Hell nah. I mean, Hondo is definitely a much better bang for your buck (seeing as he’s a fraction of the price). He’s by no means better though.

I’ve had both before. Klay is 2" taller (and at the SG position, it definitely shows) and a subjectively even better release with HoF Limitless Range as well. Diamond Klay, is the end-game, Catch-&-Shoot/3-&-D role player. He’s not the best SG in the game, but he’s definitely the best SG at hitting wide-open 3-point shots. Diamond Klay is to Diamond Hondo, what Diamond PG13 is to Diamond Elgin Baylor. Sure on paper, they’re hardly different. Once you factor in height & shooting/dribbling animations though, their difference in “in-game value” becomes much more prevalent/noticeable.

400k is honestly too much for klay

To be fair, 400K is honestly too much for any card at this point in the cycle.

Unless you have a completely near unupgradeable lineup, and can only upgrade to PD MJ, Bird, &/or Magic, you shouldn’t spend more than 300K on any card, ever.

Actually 400k or a bit less is a really good price for a rare card, have you seen Wall price in Xbox, that motherfucker is going for 300k or even more and he’s not “rare”

I run him next to Magic,and “in game”,with his, 3p plays he fits better than TMac-which cost similar amount.
For me-best realise and best working Limitless Range bage in game.

(1): You’re definitely right about 400K for an extremely rare end-game card not being overpriced (relative to what the market dictates). What I’m saying though, is that rarity is irrelevant to in-game value; so based on what 400K MT can offer (in terms of potential upgrades) for what I’m guessing is 99% of the MyTEAM population, Diamond Klay just ain’t worth it. He’s simply not going to be better than Diamond T-Mac, KD, Kawhi, or Larry for the majority of people- all of which, are cheaper than Klay.

(2): John Wall isn’t close to worth that though. It’s only because he’s brand new.

Why pay 300K for a base Wall, when you could get a Diamond RWB with red Kyries or a PD James Harden for MUCH less? I’m willing to bet that the only people paying for that much MT are hardcore John Wall fans, YouTubers, or MT multi-millionaires. Not your average gamer just trying to upgrade his lineup.

You’re so right on your 3rd sentence, there are cards like Westbrook or harden that are going for much less and are literally the “same” player, yesterday I got a 97 Westbrook for 100k with a Diamond contract and diamond Jordan shoe that boost his 3pt and perimeter defense

Klay has been going for 250k recently do not pay 400k get kawhi instead