Diamond Klay or Drazen?

Which card is better ? Klay’s defense stats worth the 130k extra ?

Klay is better overall (defense) but drazen is worth the price tag too. he doesnt miss.

Klay is the better card, drazen is cheaper and if you want just a shooter drazen is your guy. But for klay a price you honestly could get better cards with more badges

Theres this thread literally everyday lol

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I want Klay sooo bad but he’s over 400k on ps4. Ridiculous.

So a few days ago I said Peja w a shoe or Jimmy Buckets were just as good as Klay. I lied. Got one for 296k & finally fed him the ball…he’s the best SG in the game and its not close. I’ve tried Drazen also & he isnt in the same league. Sucks bc today Klay was going for 400k+.

Someone had to say it.


What system did you pay that on? What a deal

Xbox. Got him at 3 a.m. or so.

Damn haven’t had any luck late at night on ps4. Assholes bid a shit ton then go to sleep lol

Welp finally got a Klay. I paid gulp 386k for him. There was no way I was getting him cheaper he just kept going up and up. Oh well I sniped a lot of pieces recently so might as well have some fun. He better be worth it. Lol

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None. Go with amethyst Hedo Turkoglu with a diamond shoe and gold limitless. Welcome

Lettuce know how you like him. Join the Klay train.

No joke i prefer amy lowry over drazen. Better d. Better playmaking. And i hate drazens release. I make more with kyle. Def a release thing. Put my drazen up today lol

Had Klay for a bit then sold him for a limited KAJ