Diamond Klay is selling me the f**k out

Dude is shooting WELL under 50% on open looks the last 5-6 games. I cannot buy a shot with this klay Thompson. Is anyone else seeing this? im about ready to boot his ass and pick up granger in his place. Someone please tell me why I shouldn’t lol.

Maybe McGrady is coming…:wink:


Idk bro but my Klay is ass.

But he was good at the beginning, or you just not a fan of his shot realise?

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I love his release, but every shot that isn’t green, misses. I got absolutely LIT up by Granny Danger last night bro, it was bad. I have great on-ball D, and Danny dropped 36 on me. He was hitting the same shots my diamond Klay was missing and it was frustrating as heel. I already have manu but im trying to sit at 11-0, but im literaly wasting possessions shooting with Klay because he is ICE COLD

He was amazing when I first got him about 1.5 weeks ago. He carried my team to gino easily.

The Problem is:
You havent sacrifized anything to 2ks “Altar of greed” lately. Or did you?

And yes i seriously believe thats a thing.


I opened about 25$ worth of packs for magic but didn’t pull anything. Should I get Granger? The dude wasn’t even good but his Granger couldn’t miss

I found the ruby klay more consistant than the on fire heat check klay…i am sure consistency is moved up and down on sliders by 2k

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There is a popular theory that 2k nerfed players after some time, to keep us hungry and keep spending on new things.

Maybe you are a victim of this atm.

Send him for trading block, then put him back -maybe that help.


I think im going to give Granger a shot. I LOVE klays diamond every year but I cant handle a card worth 400k MT shooting like he has a 75 open 3

Dude the same will happen with Granger! Dont Fall for the trap. Play some games w/o him and then put him back in.

Edit: we’ve all Been there.


Don’t play 15+ games with the same exact squad.

That’s so bogus man. Why tf would they nerf cards to make people buy more shit. That’s so scandalous. I really cannot believe how bad this card is shooting for me. Worst part is, hes a cheat code on TTO, always hits. Online, he shoots worse than all my other cards.

It’s definitely 2k nerfing the card to make you buy more packs. They do this every year. I’ve been getting the same feeling from my sapphire Eric Bledsoe.


Well … Sapphire Eric Bledsoe is a little more understandable than Diamond Klay lol

lol I sold him cause he was bricking periodically, for me atleast. Why the hell would I keep a player that can only shoot for 300k and he bricks shots randomly. I expect every open shot to be hit if he he’s going for 300k with no drive and 51 steals. No thanks. The Ruby Klay was more consistent for me.


Why are Teams with Rubys and Amy suddenly 99 ovr instead of 90-95 like in the beginning?
2k is the WORST company in the industry when it comes to monetization and they just cant get enough, all they know is MORE! You can See it every year in mycareer and myteam. Haircuts, starting at what 55? As a college star. There are hundreds of examples.
This is the actual list of priorities from 2k.

  1. money

    655 . money
    656 . money
    657 . money
    658 . money
    659 . player experience

    897 . Support

That’s basically how I feel. Like I said, during my Gino Run, I had MULTIPLE quits with Klay having over 25 in a half. Now, I get to the point in a game where people are literally sagging off my Klay because I miss so many shots with him. My PD Kareem grabbed 4 offensive boards for klay shooting wideopen dead square in the corner, not a defender in sight, and he sat there and bricked all 4 shots. I was in disbelief. This was down 3 with just over 30 seconds after already a terrible shooting performance. I get a steal and run a play for him, and Kareem sets an illegal screen on the play and I lose. This shit is a fucking joke sometimes man

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i play in a online myleague and its almost the same thing. After playing more than 100 games i can say that at least 50% feel extremely scripted. There is always a moment a favor in the beginning and no matter how good you or your opponent play at some point the momentum shifts.
Yesterday i had a game were i was up 10 shooting 70% in the first and down 19 at half, i made 8 Points and he made 37! (10 min qtrs) in the 2nd. I couldnt buy a bucket no matter what, even Middleton with 90+ midrange missed a wide open jumper from the ft line.
Sometimes i sit there and think “why am i even holding the controller and do stuff, it just doesnt matter what i do”

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