Diamond Klay going for 156k on Xbox, 20 minutes left

Sadly I don’t have enough mt and probably if I sell everything I have won’t be enough to get him.
Could anyone tell me on how much he went once the auction ends? Please

Not worth it when we’ll most likely get a 94 overall amythest soon that does the same shit.

I just bid 208k on it

Good to know, I’ll go bid 209K.


For how much did he go?

I don’t think he’ll have an amethyst, he’s so fucking inconsistent, he can have games with a great fg% but with less than 25 points of he can have over 25 points but with low %, also last he had a diamond (throwback vs okc) and a ruby (60 points vs pacers)

hell prob get a throwback. I bet him Ewing Hayward and a bunch of others will be throwbacks or maybe they’ll wait for the finals but Id be shocked if he didnt get another version.

Now there is one going for 160k with 30 minutes left