Diamond King James or PD Worthy?

LBJ has been a great card to use but wondering how worthy compares

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Hard to compare. Worthy is much more of a post up slower player. Great shooter if you have him out there with magic.

Worthy is better for my play style, but people that use their SF for any major ball handling duties will quickly notice the difference, and think lebron is better.

Scared to try magic, just noticed that he can’t get clamps and his terrible stats…
It’s the heavyweight lakers magic, not the highlight of his career :slight_smile:

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Depends on your play style. Worthy is molasses slow

If you have Magic or intend to use him, Worthy. Pnp, pnr options are endless when you mix it with posting up and their 3p shooting gets significantly better with shoe, coach added. Magic can hit open 3s at least. If not whoever is cheaper & more badged, he is. At PF, Worthy and it’s not even close. At SF, i’d choose Bron because of swb, release advantage; better ball handler.

There are 2 cards i am not feeling clamps missing: Magic + McCollum. Magic is TOO big for the rest, clamps & higher swb would seriously be overkill at this point. CJ is a weird animal, i mean if offball pest was a card, this guy is it. Harassing everyone and he has shitty tendencies. New card juice i guess.

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i noticed that too w cj. and it was by realizing after 5 games that shockingly he wasn’t ever the problem on defense🤣

I have a Manu with hof heartcrusher, card is so weird he took him out.

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He pretty much plays like giannis. Some cheesy dribble moves, can score in close, has a chance to hit an open 3.

Defense hasn’t been an issue for me, probably just because of size. Gets good blocks for me.

Thanks i really appreciate your advice!
Magic is f c k n g expensive now, won’t pay that much. . . Pulled Pistol Pete from 120k MT packs, he was not bad in TTO and limited
but i sell him - in TTO he can’t defend that well. His shooting is good and dribbles too but i need a TMac.

Shit i was sure he can get clamps.

Is Billups a card that worth the login?
Loved his diamond card last year but this season
it’s different to me.

Ok i would try him for 100k-120k, he needs nearly no badges and a shoe without 3pt boost.

Even if he’s shit - i must try him :slight_smile:

Payton / Allen duo gives Payton a 96 3pt with all boosts but he’s still a brick house. Nash is meh and Deron my only Pg i really like to use atm.
But tbh: it would look much better with a Magic to me in my starting 5.
I was really disappointed about the Iverson card.

I got a Magic with extra hof cross key for 110k yesterday. Choose one that ends at EU midnight :cold_face:


Yeah there is a Deron with HOF RE too i’m lurking at.
Worthy goes for 350+ so i pass on the duo and will try Magic soon.
Shaq is the only tip off i like so far, hope magic is nice…

Brons release not allowing corner 3s is huge here.

Just get pg13 these new cards are ass.

Why spend 150k on Lebron when PG13 can do most things better for you for cheaper.


PG13 is actually still pretty damn good. I bought him when he dropped and put HOF Post Move Lockdown on him by accident so I ended up keeping him. One of the best investments I’ve made.

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PG better defender and shooter, but Brons slashing otherwordly.


When bron goes to the basket even I get scared for my oponent…

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This LBJ at the 4 is a triple double machine.

You want to dunk dudes into oblivion? Run Nique/Bron/Giannis at your 2-3-4. It’s madness.

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