Diamond KIKI VANDEWEGHE Gameplay


New diamond on 2k19 and this one has a 96 open shot 3, which is insane. But. Did he play as insane as his stats look, check out the video…

Shooting: he has a very fast release and I personaly don’t like it, I went late on almost all of his releases. But even if you’re late on release he will make at least 50% of the threes that he shots. Also mid range is prety good.

Driving: he doesn’t have the highest dunk rating, but he can posterize some players if they seem to find themselves in the wrong spot. He also finishes nicely with layups, but taller players block him a lot.

Defense: nothing special, he can lockdown players and also steals the ball from them. As I said…nothing special

If you have any other questions about the card, feel free to ask and please go watch the video

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