Diamond Kemp

Ok fellas im gettin diamond kemp friday, and i honestly dont play him very often at all. Handful of time i can think of. So i dont really even have an opinion on him? N b4 u laugh @ me i didnt start myteam this year till bout halfway thru. I was so fed up last year that i said i wasnt gonna play it. N i got my myplayer to 93 b4 i got sick of the grind. N let me tell you as shitty as supersweat can b. The progression speed of ur attributes once u hit 90 is unreal. I literally couldn’t take it anymore so i came back :joy::joy::joy: anyways is kemp a beast im kinda excited he was one of my favorites growing up.

Was amazing earlier in the year. Kinda outdated now but is a mismatch especially at center because of his 85 swb & respectable shooting


The amythyst is decent but the diamond is better N has a duo

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he will still do disgusting posters in transitions

If be has a runaway he’s going to teabag some one

I still run him and Payton for fun in supermax some times

(Have a diamond defense shoe on mine)

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A little outdated but can still take most 4s off of the dribble and posterize. Is one of the best early diamonds I played with. And a lot of fun also.

Add a +6 open 3 shoe on him & have fun w the duo.