Diamond Jrue Holliday?

Is he any good?

The only other diamond reward I have is Eddie Jones… who should I get?

the diamonds look better than the PDs. I have Eddie and want Jrue for the budget squad

I’d grab


Pejas a stud. Smoothest shot in game

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Agreed, but i can see him getting some kind of Playoff moments TB soon.

The other guys other than Melo (gotta get melo regardless lol) I think might be the best card they ahve for a while

I have pd melo locked so not getting melo…

I heard Aldridge has a trash release??

Aldridge is trash imo, slow and doesn’t provide good defense. I’d rather look at Tyson Chandler, looks like a diamond Mutombo

I agree. Was also looking at chandler, I like my pf to be fast

My biggest knock on jrue is despite having clamps, he only has like 49 strength🤢

agree. Set shot 4. I used it on my sharp shooter in 2k18. Off the top of my head Rashard lewis, kuzma, and Tobias Harris have the same base.