Diamond Jordan W?

Just won a diamond Jordan with 3pt shoe and diamond contract for 392k. You think that will be a decent price when the dust settles? Most of them have been going 400 plus but I’m wondering if this specific card will drop in price before Friday. Happy either way

got the same card first day out for 400k so seems to be holding

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how do you like him so far ,i think hjes great inside and dunking even with thr 3 point shoe he misses alot of 3s for me

I just grabbed one about an hour ago but I haven’t had the chance to use him yet. He’s replacing diamond drexler which I can’t believe I’m saying lol. I don’t anticipate taking a ton of threes with him just as I have been doing with Clyde. I have plenty of other players who can hit the 3 with Mcgrady, Bird, Harden. I’m just worried about his lack of plays since I had the Amy. But i know plays I can call for other players that get him looks so we will soon see

been useing him more today he got some good moves on lay ups took one under hjs legs and bought iut around and layed it uo hes fun to play with 3 sucks but o well lol its jordan , i got the new lebron for 3s and bird like u

What do you mean took one under his legs and brought it around for a layup?

3s suck even at a 90 rating?

His 3 ball has been money for me, he rarely misses. I have the light blue diamond Jordan’s that only boost his off the dribble 3

Mine has a 99 so he should be ok lol

i got the dark blue shoe that makes it 99 and for me lebron and kobe and pd harden hit the 3 way better i can hit with jordan just not 75 percent like them other guys more like 40- percent again im not the best player lol thats just how it works for me but he can dunk the hell out the ball

W if you pulled him, a V if you bought him