Diamond Jordan Three Ball Updated!

They just updated them to 90 across the board!


that’s a GG. He’s a must cop with the jordan shoe with open 3. Better than T mac no question

game over

That +9 SWB +9 Open Shot 3 shoe looks like a match made in heaven for the diamond Jordan.

@isuckat2k1999 looks like some people left the dark side after this update :upside_down_face:

Thank god I didn’t sell the one with the shoe I need him.

Which shoe is that?

That shoe is Nike though…So bad i couldn’t put that on MJ

Ok yeah that’s what I was wondering. Thought maybe they had added a new one for the release

The open 3 Jordan shoe

how much he bout go for now u think? 350-400?

I thought that shoe was a pair of Jordan 12’s?

Nah. That’s a Kobe AD shoe