Diamond jordan shoe suggestions on who to put it on?

so I pulled the Jordan shoe that boost plus 9 in ball, foul, layup, passing, and vision. who should I put it on or who can I buy to increase profit? current lineup

Diamond Lillard, Diamond Jordan, 97 Playoff LeBron, Diamond Malone, Diamond Whiteside

Amy Baron, Amy Wade, Amy George, Ruby Dray, Amy Drummond

Ruby Klay, Ruby Jonathan Isaac, Ruby Diaw

Thanks y’all.

You can’t apply them to half of those people so that narrows your choices

this is true. I’ve had this card since Saturday. just don’t know who to use it on. seems like it’s the worst shoe to pull.

Jordan. Since the ball is in his hands, it would be good to boost his passing. Does that boost ball control too? That would also be a huge upgrade

Kawhi :slight_smile:

yeah it boost ball control. I have a three point shoe on Jordan.