Diamond Jordan price PS4

Anyone know at what price does a diamond Jordan without contract or shoes go for? PS4

Ive been seeing him go for around 170ish no shoe or contract. 230+ for contract and 3 pt shoe. At least that’s what it’s been today and yesterday.

Ok, thanks. Maybe it will be my next aim to start grinding for him. One day I may be able to snag him and try him out. :smiley:

Probably next week when the new promo with hopefully PD Lebron arrives

Yeah maybe I should sell both of my SG’s right now and run budget options until the next market crash occurs. If I could get diamond MJ up to 120k, I would just have to do it. But it feels so dumb to sit tight with MT in hopes of that and run rubies while waiting.

Last Sunday got a diamond MJ with 3pt shoe. 190k. I guess you may get good deal if it’s early in the morning in U.S.

I feel you there… hard to wait on a card you want especially if you have the mt to get them now regardless if a crash is inevitable. I did the same for 98 Kobe this morning. Grabbed him with a diamond contract around 350. Slapped a defense and passing shoe on him. I know he’ll go down but I’m not trying to wait to use him. Plus the games life span shortens everyday