Diamond John wall or RWB?

I have the 97 russ with a 3pt moving shoe (boosts to 99) and the dude is a brick layer. I just cant shoot well with him. Should I pick up john wall to replace him?

How much mt are you willing to spend?

He is not good from top of the key but from hotzones he is damn good for a Wb card imo. Replace him with open 3 instead of moving 3, best offensive Pg in the game and his defense is also top notch.
I compared his and Wall’s stats yesterday, badges too. Russ really seems quite better on paper as well. Can’t try Wall as long as he’s not bin, not worth the risk for that price.

Honest question, why is Wall going for so much? His stats don’t seem better than Russ or Dame. Is it just his animations? Because I still think Dame would be better if that’s the reason.

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Just get pd harden if you want someone to run point and hit these shots from the one

Pretty sure it’s just because of quantity. Hardly any Walls have been pulled yet.

I have PD harden at the 1 off my bench

None really. I know jwall is over-priced atm but westbrook has been a pretty big disappointment for me so far. Hw doesn’t feel any different from the 95 for me despite his upgraded badges and stats

Excatly, thanks