Diamond jaylen brown opinions

Anyone has used him and can tell me how he plays? I would use him at the 2 spot, and i need a 3 and D kind of player, is he good? The other option is derozan, who would you choose and why?

If u want 3 and d you choose jaylen. Tbh jaylen is the better card all around. He is bigger than derozan. Jaylen also has 3 pt plays and can dunk like crazy. He is also crazy off the iso. I strongly recommend jaylen. His d stats are through the roof too. This coming from a raps fan lol

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Perfect i’m going to buy him so. Thank you!!

You wont be disappointed. Tbh ive thought about selling kobe to get jaylen back. Its a matter of room on squad. I got 97 kobe at the 2. Larry at the 3. And derozan and playoff lebron on the bench. Only reason i keep derozan is because im a huge raps fan. And he does have a defense shoe so his d is comparable to jaylen. But the lack of 3 pt plays kills me. I might end up going back. Jaylen is beastly

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Played a few games with him and absolutely hated him. His jump shot is very inconsistent, can’t get himself open, and his off the dribble midrange if lack luster.

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Really? What about his defense?

Fouled a lot for me, so I suggest not trying to steal the ball. He was pretty good everywhere else on defense though. Seriously, I suggest you get 95 LBJ. On Xbox they are basically the same price and I just started trying him out after selling my brown. He’s an absolute monster, and don’t think I’m saying this just because it’s LeBron. I’ve hated LeBron in every other 2k, but this one is just…different.

I already have the 97 playoff lebron as my bench pf, so i was searching for a 3 and D sg and i thought of brown… if you say that his defense is fine, i’ll try him and in case sell him back

Why not just use Donavan or Oladipo then?

My team now is: westbrook/wall, oladipo/mitchell, leonard/butler, durant/lebron, embiid/marc gasol. I wanted to change oladipo with somebody bigger like brown and mitchell with ariza (always because he’s bigger), moving butler from bench sf to bench sg. What do you think about these changes?

If I were you I would try them out on an offline mode like my league and try out their jump shots. Me personally I’ve always hated Ariza’s jumper, it’s about as consistent like his real life counterpart. I forgot you mentioned picking up DeRozan which I’d HIGHLY suggest. If you’ve tried out his amethyst you’d know how much of an offensive monster his is, add in more stats and HOF badges and he’s an absolute monster.
I’d suggest picking up D Malone and D boogie instead of Mark. I hear Tatum is an absolute monster too. These are just my suggestions based on my experiences.

Thank you! I’ll try their jumper and then decide. I had d cousins but then bought marc gasol: he is a defensive beast, he has size, and can knock down 3s if open! I also had d malone but he didn’t perform well: he was pretty incosistent for me, i don’t know why. Last thing: i’m afraid by derozan’s defense and lack of 3pt plays… However, thank you for your suggestions!

Did you end up running brown at all ? Also oladipo is a certified stud. Guy gets so many steals too. I play him at the2. I love how he has 3 pt plays and has hof defensive stopper lol

Yeah i tried him but i’m still trying to figure out if i prefer oladipo or brown: they’re both tons of fun. I’m also searching for diamond klay thompson, in case i buy him i won’t have any more doubts and start him over both ahah

Anyone using a 97 All-Star LeBron at PG with the SWB shoe? How does he feel? Quick enough to play there? I may try this crap since the game may be coming to its end to know how it feels. I have PD Harden and I prefer my PG’s quickness and speed with ball over his size generally.

I used him and he was a beast, but i didn’t like playing that way so i came back to rw. However if you have enough mt i would suggest the playoff lebron, even without a shoe: he is strong and quick as the all star, but he also has shooting badges so you can score in two different ways and it becomes really harder to defend on him