Diamond Jason Kidd

  • He is a great point guard to use. His main problem is only his height

  • Passing: He can get two players on him very quckly and then find a good pass to an open player.

  • Outside shooting: He will drain open 3s and midrange shots if he is open and also if he is lightly contested. He can also create a good space for his shot.

  • Defending: His defense is great, ability to steal the ball is insane and he can also guard big players (LBJ, Magic, T-Mac,…)

I added him to my line-up and played the last game of All-time Dom - and beat them in OT by 1 pt.

Kidd was massive - shut down Magic, had steals, his a few 3’s - I was blown away by the accuracy of his passes.

He will be an underrated Diamond I think - Baron Davis is rated higher, and I find Kidd a better player.

this is 2k18 bro

Lol come on son. I need 2k19 reviews

Haha - but it this way - I didn’t notice the date - and I would say the same thing about him. This review is consistent. I am playing with him, and benched Baron - the only main difference, J is not as solid from the outside (number wise) but he hits man…he hits for me.

Only knock - slow release, and he needs to be open to hit it. Drives are solid, no dunks ever, and I was blown away by the accuracy and ease of passes he threads.