Diamond James harden or diamond Jamal Murray?

I have Murray But is the diamond harden any better?

I feel like Harden has the better ceiling. His double stepback animation is actually ridiculous. But I’m having trouble timing it. I feel like once I get it down he will be a juggernaut.

So are u saying harden is better?

Yes. If you’re willing to put in the work to figure out his timing. I have his latest pd card and he’s fun.

@London k Thx. Any other thoughts on either of the 2?

I had a lot of fun with kyrie. But if you’re looking for a good pick up I can’t help but recommend diamond iggy.

I cant get kyrie because im asking for the 2guard position and also Iggy Isnt my price range

So you’re looking for a player at SG? What’s your price range.

50 k ish and has to be at least diamond. My starting SG is drexler

For your price range Butler is great. Why a diamond?

Idk because I care about tiers. I used to have Butler but played him at SF. @London

Well i’m not sure for diamonds. There aren’t that many options in that price range.

Jamal murray is way better.

I think Diamond Kevin Knox is better…