Diamond j.r. smith is godly on the limitless range

I played a few games with him and its like I was hitting from anywhere. The henny god kept getting on fire. And when he was on fire he is unstoppable. I even hit a few half court shots. 2k juice this diamond for sure. I see why he going for more then the pink diamonds except rose but he close to the price. Maybe it just me but i seen youtubers talking about this card.


So is Opal AI haha.

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I went from hating that set to loving it. Diamond Jr looks like a sniper and his defense is good enough for me with Coach Pop boosts.

Just gotta make room for him.

I haven’t found the steeze w my PD JR. I run back to B Roy :confused: I’ll put in more JR work

Amy Jr was my most consistent card
this card is unstoppable

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His card jumping out of packs like hot cake right now . I pulled him twice yesterday and sold him because i told myself no more diamonds only pink diamonds but after hearing about this card and playing with him i must say i have to fall back on my word. I let this diamond stay. lol

Make sure you go into freestyle and go to subs and see the true ratings with your coach boosts.

Most of my diamonds are Pink Diamonds with coach pop and thats before shoes and takeover.

Yea jr jump to a 96 overall with shoe. So he is a pink diamond just dont have the pink diamond look. 2k need to work on doing that with the card art. If you upgrade your player with coach and shoe and his overall go up to 96 or higher it should show as a pink diamond card.that would be dope. It just like when you do the player duo but even with that it dont work right. It only show on your lineup but when you click to view it or start a game it just show as a diamond.

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So is the PD

Whats the best shoe for JR?

I gave him the red Kobes, with Dantoni he gets sharp/slash and has 99 contested/open 3