Diamond Iggy?

Just snagged one for 100k. Can I flip him for a profit? He has a diamond shoe that boosts post fade, contested shot mid, passing vision, steal and SWB

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Most likely. His price has been all over the place lately

Yeah that’s I’m not sure about. If I won’t then I’d Rather keep him. When do I post to make sure it’s as high as possible?

No bro. You keep it! he will most likely go for 100-110K either way no profit.
But that was last week though in PS4.
I dont know how far he will go If he has contract and shoes though.

I bought mine at 125K with shoes and contract.

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I’m on Xbox

I lost on a few iggys snipes

he goes for 100-140k (contract+shoes) sell when theres alot of people on

If you decide to sell, do it on saturday before the tournament qualis, that’s probably the safest time. But you never know with this market this year.

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