Diamond Iggy with a 3pt shoe and shooting badges would be insane

I would really love that card with a 3pt shoe or 3pt/SWB shoe and shooting badges. Killer at the 2 or 3. But I probably won’t be able to get him for a reasonable price for quite some time.

there was one up 2 hours ago with open 3pt and swb shoe, 135k bid 4 minutes left

Hmm… not that high. That means we may be able to get him at some point for a pretty good price.

How would he be any different than Artest? o_O

HOF posterizer, and I haven’t played w Iggy but I think he mght have better BC and therefore might be able to dribble and drive better.


I was excited about Iggy too until I saw this.

Isn’t artest shot goofy? I rather have iggy tbh.

Can you run artest at PG? No lol

You could think of him like a 2 inch taller Wade.

With the meta being what it is, Iggy should be great at PG.

Both guys have non ideal shots but Artest’s is subjectively worse and I believe objectively slower. Somehow I can shoot well with Iguodala. Have used his silver a TON in Schedules.

He also has much better dribbling animations, so is more capable of creating off the dribble.

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His moving 3 is a 48 though.

Iggy should be faster ffs. I will still play him.

I haven’t played with Artest yet, but even though he has viable Moving 3 and that’s kind of special, I haven’t historically found his Open 3 to be reliable. And have found Iguodala’s to be reliable. Hopefully I get a chance to use both, but if I were picking w/o experience with their Diamonds, I think I’d go with Iguodala just because I’d trade for a more reliable Open 3 and nearly impossible Moving 3, instead of an unreliable Open 3 but viable Moving 3.

I remember pd iggy from 2k15 and how cheesy he was, I imagine how cheese he is rn at the 1-3 would be.

Gotcha — I just mentioned that because you described his dribble package as effective in creating his own shots. Maybe for his ok midrange game, but off-dribble threes will not benefit at all from his dribble moves due to his abismal rating.

Yeah iggy has better animations . Thats about it. His release is amazing, his dribble moves are so o.p and we already know about the dunk/layup packages. He also has pnr ball handler and mid range plays

that artest nice tho

For sure. I should’ve been more clear. When I said he can create off the dribble, I meant more…he can create with his dribble…in the sense of getting a lane to drive to the rim. More so than Artest, in my experience.

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Definitely. HoF Posterizer helps as well.

My iggy has a 3 shoe dude is an animal