Diamond hamidou diallo

Don’t sleep this card is nasty for 30k posters everyone. solid mid range and 3 ball and decent defense. He’s a complete beast driving to the hoop and can’t be stopped

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Yes he has some sick dunks!!
Sold mine for 75K I’m so happy

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Yea they crazy

Great slasher, just jumper was too slow for me

People gonna know this is NOT a 30k card!

I LOVE HIM. Hes nasty 17 free throws in one game lol.

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Good to see you back broski

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damn they be giving him the Harden treatment

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Young harden in the making

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I love the fact u got a 6foot 5 silver card bangin dunks on huge centers lol. Its fuckin awesome. I like using cards that arent commonly used. He fits the bill well

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He looka much taller than 6’5

What kind of dunk packages does he have?

His posters are insane and that 99 vertical too

Lol they better be. This card was made for one thing lol

I’m pretty sure some t-Mac some Kobe ones not sure what else those might be wrong tho

could we see his price rise?

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He looks tall and lean

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I doubt it, he won’t be a hype card but he’s extremely fun and really really solid

Savage ones lol. He gets UP.


Very savage ones