Diamond Granger or PD Blake

Either one would be the main scoring option

granger no question


I’ve been close to getting Granger for a couple days now. I’m at about 240k hoping that gets it done

Granger. Just sold my Blake and A.I. Gotta say I’m happy with the 600k…

Yeah, I picked up Granger for 300k. He a GOD

Have AI and love him but thinking about selling for Magic :sleepy:, how much do you miss him

I don’t miss A.I. at all. He was way down on the depth chart. Steph, Klay, Drazen… All superior to A.I.

Magic on the other hand is a stud and if you’re considering him and can afford it I would do it for sure


Tougher to use Blake as a main scoring option with his post animation and slow jumper imo.

Haven’t tried Granger but I assume he’d fit this role a bit better

Blake’s jumper is too damn slow.

Blake actually has the highest 3 point % out of all my regulars, last I checked, and is by far one of my top scorers. He’s the greatest offensive weapon there is, period, against off ballers that don’t adjust on ball/off ball defensive pressure settings. Here’s the secret… AI 100% of the time plays perimeter defense on Blake with a huge sagging gap, unless changed in settings. Pass to Blake on the 3 point line, watch the D literally sag to the paint, and bang that open 3… which will most likely be green if you’re not lagging. Seriously, give it a try :+1:t3:

I shot honestly 88 percent from three in 30 games with him.

Idk for me his open three was a green bean MACHINE. Even if it’s kinda funky.


Yep. I shot .650something from 3 with Blake in over 80 games, and he was also averaging over 12 points a game.

PD Giannis

I have 3 PINK diamond PF rewards though. Had to sell him.

I have Granger now and he’s pretty much unstoppable also hehe.

Along with Klay and Magic the geometry starts getting petty insane.