Diamond Gilbert arenas or Dave Bing, who's better?

Also will gil ever go down to Bing’s price on Xbox?

Gilbert has a way better jumper

Value for money id say bing

If you have consistently good internet no question arenas (IMO)

that jumper is wet and quicker than me cumming when i want to

that shit goes off before you even want it off


@GanjaGandu Nah like who’s the better player and who has better stats

Depends on your preference my friend. Gil’s jumper is crazy fast compared to Bing.

Me personally, I would go with Dave Bing. Not many people seem to like his release, but it is probably one of my favorite I have ever used. That being said. Arenas has a good release, but it’s too fast for me, even as being someone that prefers fast jumpers.

@SNAGUP Have u tried diamond arenas out yet?

Yes, he’s not for me. I’m waiting to buy the PD, but his diamond is just too inconsistent for me, and he just seems like another Steve Francis.

Will the limited PD ever reach bn on Xbox?

I can’t see it happening. He will probably level out at 150k at least.

Limited will never hit that low lol

Regular PD MIGHT level out at 150 but that won’t be unless you’re bidding late at night

Why is Bing so worthless? His jumper is basically base 11 and can play defense as well as finish at the rim. I just got one with shooting badges and a diamond contract for 20 K to mess around with. Just compared him in freestyle to Gugliotta and the meter speed meter is exactly the same as base 11.

He’s so good. Been slept on all year.

I hate him, but go off.


Arenas is my instant offense if needed off of the bench

With the blue diamond Jordan his defense rating goes to 97

Bing was the first diamond I got all year lol I was so hype. He balled out for me like 3-4 months ago

Actually def > 4 months lmao