Diamond Giannis Price Prediction?

I know no one actually knows what he’ll settle at since each player, and game is unique, but I think the market for him will be very similar to the LeBron card from Dirk’s spotlight.

If that’s the case, he’ll probably be around 300K for the first few days, and drop to maybe 275K close to when pack ends. Does anyone agree / disagree?

I’ll wait to watch some game play before deciding whether to grab him, but I’m sort of thinking it’ll be smart to wait for a PD version of Giannis and save up for that. With LeBron, Dunca, and Ibaka already on the squad I don’t necessarily NEED Giannis, but he’s just so damn good.

tl;dr - What price do we think Giannis will settle at, and is it worth it to just wait for a PD that’ll cost 380K and be a better long-term investment. I hate the D card’s value tanking when they release a PD.

He’ll definitely be at least 250k+ MT for a while imo


I think a lot of people are going to pull this pack for Giannis yet he will remain kind of rare with an abysmal drop rate. I’m thinking he stays quite expensive 350k or so and once these packs are milked they will drop a pd moments Giannis just to slap everyone in the face.

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Yup. Ppl should just get HC GIannis. He should be lit the majority of the season (assuming they keep updating). Save about 200kMT.


I think he stays at ~300k until a moments or pd is released


There’s a diamond Giannis? Wtf


It’s from his playing days with Zeke and the rest of the Pistons — makes perfect sense.

You don’t remember Giannis being a key role player off the bench for the Bad Boys title run??

Oh right… 2K is gonna 2K.


I really can’t complain too hard being a Hawks fan though…

I finally get my Dominique and don’t have to worry about playing 800 more mindless TTOffline games against the CPU.

I’ve been waiting to replace Sapphire Kukoc at SF for my Hawks team for two months… he may only be a diamond Nique, but now Trae will be throwing lobs for days on my cutter plays.

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Smh man

What’s Giannis at now?

His badging is nice too.

I already have Heat Check Giannis. This is a tough decision.


My diamond contract Amy Giannis sold overnight. Thank fucking Christ. Can’t hold any cards in this game…


Yeah man, they did him right for a Diamond Nique card for sure… I suffered through using that Amethyst Nique for way too long last year.

I’m excited to get this Highlight Film on my Hawks squad.

I’d stick with the Heat Check. The diamond is definitely not a six figure upgrade over even the amy.


I’m sticking with the Heat Check

I think diamond has the pogo stick and although I love that badge contact finisher and fancy hof aren’t worth it. They work the same on gold as they do hof

Just keep the HC for now spend your bread elsewhere and let’s be thankful we don’t need him for Magic


You guys are right. Saves a huge chunk of MT.

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This Giannis gunna go for 400s lol everyone loves Giannis settle down at 350 eventually

This might send HC Giannis’s price up… you think anyone but Giannis can guard Giannis this year?

Any update on the latest Giannis price? I posted him before I went to work.