Diamond Finley Triple Threat Gameplay and Stats and Badges

If you have already seen his card here’s his stats and a quick 4 min 20 sec gameplay Even tho my opponent wasn’t the best and this is Triple Threat that Diamond Finley is a Dawg! His stats are only from Triple Threat Online so about 5 games I’ve played with him. He’s nice as fuck


Attributes, Tendencies and Badges (Starts at 0:49 Seconds)


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Good shit bro, I won my first game to unlock auction house but idk if I have the patience for Finley

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If you can run plays you might be good.

I cant afford the playbook I want (GS/LAL), just been pounding the post. Just got Mo Pete and Boobie Gibson so im gonna try to run plays more.

Yea I didn’t buy a playbook either those shits expensive

Preciate it bro

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what was your strategy?

Bryant Reeves and Boogie

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Oh and that Peterson and Tatum are legit

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Yeah Peterson is a problem. Hard to believe he’s an emerald with his stats but this Pippen I’m about to get is fire

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i need tatum in my life

Bro I peeped that Sapphire Shumpert and Ruby Eddie Jones omg! Probably won’t be valuable by the time I play online again but those cards are nice asf

I copped the Iman. He’s a back up PG. Too nice

Was there any comp online? 2-0 rn and they were a breeze but i feel like the 11th is where i’d cruise

No comp as of yet since a lot of ppl have to adjust we’ve just came off playing sim so this is a breeze atm

When you went 12-0 how many total tokens did you get?

15 I think

Can you play through again for more tokens?

Yup you can do it over and over

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Damn i just gotta adjust to this defense lol