Diamond Ewing is better than PD KAJ

My Ewing just destroyed three PD KAJ. That card is a beast!! So dominant in the paint ! Best center in the game hands down!!

No he ain’t


you must just be looking to argue because theres a correct view point on this one and it aint yours lol


Lol I’m sure what happened is that you played 3 KAJ users who dont know how to defend

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Maybe!!! lol

Diamond ewing is very underated guys, that mid with the post fadeaways are pretty op.he kinda has that dirk feel too him in the post. Bit slow but can hit a 3 nicely. I had to sell him for now since i have duncan/mutombo/kaj and issel. I rather have the mt to sit on for now with issel

This ain’t it chief

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Di Ewing > Di Kaj
PD Kaj > Di Ewing

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I ran both together at pf and c and it was fun but wouldnt do it conpetively lol


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I love how people beat someone that sucks then magically says oh this card is better than this card! Small sample sizes don’t mean anything

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Pat isn’t better than Kaj, but the card is super solid, imo.