Diamond Embiid with diamond contract (XB1) Ends 9PM PT

100K BID
Ends 9PM Pacific Time (3:30 hours from this post).

Likely duo with Amy Simmons or future RotY Diamond Simmons.

Probably the best overall centre in the game.

  • Protect the paint (HOF Rim Protector, 99 Shot Contest tendency)
  • Guard outside (90/80 OBDIQ/Lateral Quickness)
  • Rebound (HOF Rebounder, 90 Vertical)
  • Transition (good Speed for size, 97 Hustle, 95 Driving Dunk, 90 Contact)
  • Coast to coast (good Speed With Ball for size)
  • Assists (80 Passing Vision which not many centers have)
  • Post up (HOF Drop Stepper and Posterizer which is a lethal combination)
  • Outside Shooting (HOF Catch & Shoot, 90 Open 3, easy release)
  • Pick and roll/pop (HOF Badges)

Gee, the more I think about what he can do the more I regret putting him up.

Better than Hakeem or Kareem?

Hell no. Diamond KAJ (with a 3P shoe) is the best Center in the game. Case closed.

I have Diamond KAJ, Hakeem, KAT, and Joel.



That’s what I thought. I mean it’s a good card, but not the best center in the game

Amy Deandre Jordan is the best center in the game


I don’t care about duos; they’re irrelevant in a god-squad. I don’t even use my Oscar Robinson.

The Simmons duo with Embiid isn’t a guarantee, and we also don’t know what stats they’re going to increase (could be something like only +25 total attribute points or something).

Joel is incredible, don’t get me wrong. If I didn’t have PD KG locked in, I’d for sure use him as my backup PF. He’s just not (no reason he likely will be either) anywhere close to the best Center in the game.

[TL;DR]: Joel is better off-the-dribble and at hitting 3Ps; that’s literally it though. KAJ is better at EVERYTHING else.

(1): Of course it’s not fair to compare a card with a shoe to one without. That wasn’t my purpose though. You said Joel Embiid is the best Center in the game. I’m saying that once you remedy KAJ’s Open-shot 3P with a shoe, it becomes no contest a single to why he’s the best Center in the game. Without a shoe though, Hakeem is the best “base” Center in the game.

It’s also worth noting, that even though this is subjective, KAJ has a better/easier to time Shot (not that Joel’s is particularly difficult to time, per se). Joel’s shot is relatively slow (not KG slow, but somewhat slow nonetheless); allows for late contests from time to time.

(2): Once the card’s are that good, athleticism becomes immeasurably more valuable, solely because once a player gets hot (which is extremely easy/happens frequently for your Center position, due to blocks and rebounds as well as scoring- especially with the microwave, spark plug, and clutching performers persobality badges), all of their important stats essentially get capped-out at 99 (athletic stats aren’t affected).

KAJ is is better at literally EVERY single post & inside scoring attribute (+6 driving layup being a big one). He’s a MUCH better passer (+8 vision, + TWENTY-SIX pass accuracy, and + 14 IQ). He’s a marginally better rebounder (+3 boxout, +2 offensive, & + 1 defensive). He’s better at EVERY single defensive stat as well (big ones being +10 lateral quickness, +10 steal, +7 pass perception, & +7 on-ball D IQ). He’s marginally better at dunking (+20 flashy dunk tendency, + 7 contact dunk, + 2 driving dunk, but -5 standing dunk tendency). Joel has a good bit better defensive tendencies across the board, but he also has significantly more foul tendencies (which is ultra annoying).

As far as badging goes, the only noteworthy badge Joel has over KAJ is HoF Catch-&-Shoof; whereas KAJ has HoF Tireless Scorer, Acrobat, Difficult shots & Putback King.

2" height>>> 3" wingspan (for all we know, that difference in wingspan could all be attributed to having a bigger chest, which Joel definitely looks like he’s more “built”/solid than KAJ).

Joel is amazing, but it’s blasphemy to put him over KAJ and Hakeem.

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Embiid is actually 7”2 in real life since he grew after the draft, unfortunately it isn’t registered in the official height listings much like KDs

Paul George is another player like that. I’m pretty sure he came into the league at 6’8", but grew to 6’10" within his rookie year. I think he’s listed at 6’9" though.

Went for 165k. Bit surprised seen saw one without diamond contract go for 180k a few hours earlier. Still profit as bought him for 132.