Diamond Dwight

How is he?
Is he a liability in Super Max? I mean, since most of the kids like to double team as soon as you cross half court, having 5 shooters to knock down open 3s and make them cry is pretty important, so I’m afraid buying Dwight could backfire on me.
Also, is he able to provide any sort of rim protection?

Thanks a lot!

Yea he’s a big liability I love seeing non shooters on my opponents squad

Best rim protector in the game imo. And best C that can defend on perimeter. He just feels faster and quicker even with mid 80s LQ.

Not even saying his dunking is super OP and people totally underestimate his open mid.

Can he, somehow, stop all the unstoppable dunk animations that plague us this year?

Nope strictly for Amy Drummond aka equalizer squad center

That is not player related noone can stop those but Dwight is one of the few that can force some missing dunks.

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As Ddrop said.

Overall would you say that the benefits Howard brings outweight his lack of 3pt shooting?
I am always able to make these double teaming kids quit in the second Quarter after I hit a streak of 3 pointers on them when they double team my handler.

The thing that made me look at Dwight is HOF Brick Wall, which could really improve my 3pt plays.

I can’t decide that really. When everything goes fine u dont need that 1 guy missing 3p, when things go sideways u blame that guy :joy:. But putting him on KD at pg or pf was fun i must say. Back him up with a shooter for emergency situations it will be fine. He has some handles too which ratings don’t suggest.