Diamond Dame or Diamond Mitchell

So I pulled both yesterday, heard great things about Mitchell with that 99 dunk and contact dunk. I’m really torn on who I should keep. Played a game with mitchell first, I fell in love and I thought it will be no contest, I was going to sell Dame but i said let me give him a fair shot. Now im torn, they say Dame is the better shooter with the badges but Donnies shot is cash. Send Help!!!

I used Amy Dame and Diamond Mitchell. I can’t get behind Dame’s release. He’d brick everything for me. Now, Mitchell, he’d Dunk everything for me. Some people say he’s too short, but I just ran him at PG and had no problems

Yeah ill be running both at Point

Diamond Lillard>=Diamond Mitchell>Amy Lillard

So shooting over dunking?


You have complete control over (dunking); whereas with 3P shooting, you basically got to pray the badges and stats sway in your favor. You could take perfect wide-Open looks with Good release all game long, but still get fucked (best to reduce that as much as possible). You aren’t ever (or at least very rarely are you) going to get fucked out of wide-open dunks once your players have 100 dunk tendencies and near max dunk, contact dunk, speed, vertical, and SWB stats.

Increasing your overall 3P% and your defense, should always be a priority.