Diamond dame is so fun!

I picked him up for 20k this morning and my god, I miss using actual Point Guards. He has crazy dunk packages, a money release, great stats. Amazing Card. Definitely a cop. Until the next POTM, he is my new PG.


Man I got him for 38k on switch…regardless here’s a review from a guy who’s killed peeps with Dame for years…

  1. This Lillard has insanely cheesy dunk animations if not the best dunk animations (probably thanks to HOF Posterizer) for a Lillard Card. He feels like 2k17 Lillard (when Lillard was at his cheesiest imo).

  2. His release is quick and very easy to green

  3. Defense, y’all have to stop worrying about Dame’s defense (in fact it’s a lot better than I was expecting from a Lillard Card), his offense will be more than enough to make up for his “lack” of defense

  4. HOF Catch and Shoot + HOF Posterizer, enough said, Lillard with HOF Catch and Shoot is OP imo (I wish 2K gave this card HOF Limitless), but let me tell you, this dude is absolutely posterizing peeps on tto and mtu (as I said before, his dunk animations are insanely OP for a Lillard Card)

  5. Price, what can I say, it’s absolutely a must cop, and it shouldn’t be 20-38k rn (there’s very few diamonds w/ HOF Catch and Shoot rn).

That’s all I got.
Note: However, if there’s one concern with this Lillard, it’s the potential that this card’s price might tank hard after the weekend if Dame wins the 2019 3pt Contest. So don’t give diamond Dame a shoe until we know whether or not he gets a PD after all star weekend

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I put him as my backup pg and ran one game online, dropped 28 on 10/12 with him. Couldn’t believe how sexy his animations felt. I have a feeling he won’t cut it on D against bigger guys at the pg… But to come in and run the point got a few mins off the bench each game he is hella fun.

Lillard has always been like this with me since 2K15, he’s an absolute PG God if you know how to use him, peeps are really underrating him right now all because he’s 6’3” with “worrying” defense.

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Hold on to dame and magic to sell later?

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im holding magic for sure

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Lillard posterized my pd shaq 3 times in one game


played against him earlier in tto and hes pretty nice was super hard to contain.

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He’s so fun until Magic uses him for a toothpick in the post.

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But then Lilllard proceeds to drain a 3 with Magic on his grill. Then the fun begins once more

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Looks like that HOF Posterizer is cheesier than I thought

Hold onto Dame, but immediately sell him if there’s any indication that Lillard wins the 3pt contest on Saturday

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Yeah that’s what I was thinking Lol gonna have to sell mid competition

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God if they give us a PD Lillard with OP shooting badges and he’s available for BIN after a few days of being released, that’ll be insane

I’ll have to plan on killing the Hedo, Giannis, or Harden Cheesers with Dame sooner than I expected if that happens

I put the Pink Adidas shoes on him and with D’Antoni he’s a 97 (+2)

As someone who has 500+ games running with Curry as my starting point guard, props to you for running a legit PG. Fuck all those that are like, Giannis/AK/Tmac will post him up like crazy. Go back to cheesing

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hurt my soul

Hey man, I’m on both of your sides. Lillard is a baller, and I totally respect his game. It’s just a shame that 2k gave us a game where size and height is so op. All I’m saying is that at some point he’ll get exposed.

Wish the steal was a little higher on this card but 2k needs to save something for the playoff moments throwback.

Looks like a perfect PG to run my bench squad.

it’s all good. Magic is a legit PG anyways so its not cheese lol