Diamond D-Wade

How does he compare to PD Harden? Is his defense noticeably that much better? Worth the trade, or no?

Dwade is the best defensive PG in the game

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Yeah, but does his defense make up for PD Harden’s undeniably better offense?

Eh. I like them both. Diamond Harden is my most money shooter though.

Offensively they’re 2 completely different players. Wade dunks and blows by everyone but harden is unconscious from anywhere on the court when he gets hot. I sold harden and put wade at PG because I value defense in a PG more than offense

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I completely agree. D Wade is lockdown. He’s one of those guys that subtlety take over a game for me. And a lot of times people leave him open because he isn’t known as a shooter but his release is money. With the right badges I’d take him over harden. His player type is harder to find than harden as well. I’d say diamond oladipo is wade’s closest comparison.

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His wingspan is (i think) 6’10 in game. He’s ridiculous lol

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I have both and use Harden as my PG and DWade as my SG and I love that back court. They both have different strengths but Harden is little better overall in my opinion.

oladipo can sort of replace wade now

Gary Payton begs to differ

I remember someone saying earlier in the year that Payton will be their end game PG. Wonder how they doing now…

D-Wade has the athleticism that GO doesn’t.

Where the duo with Kemp at tho

No freaking way, Wade kills gp all day any day

I have both on the same team

Throw rim protector and Chase down on Wade and he will block a center

Pretty sure Wade comes with Chase Down, no? I mean I like GP better personally. Both are great defenders though. GP has +2 in about every defensive stat on Wade, while Wade has a big block advantage over him (like +30 or +40 or something). Can’t really go wrong with either

I won’t give to a hard time for liking gp,I like him also, but wade just seems bigger than gp oddly, a little easier to control on defense for me also

In the offensive end it is absolutely no contest at all… Wade eats gp

Because it’s so easy for a player government get hit this year, those +2 defensive stats are literally unnoticeable (for everything will be 99 for both players when hot), but athletic stats aren’t affected- thus wade becomes that much more valuable, once hot.

Yeah literally all I’m saying is I prefer GP defensively lol. There’s a reason everyone doesn’t have the same team, we all prefer different players

Fair enough; this year’s GP is really nice. Shoots like Curry/Klay.

copped Wade with Diamond White Curry’s and Contracts for on XB1. Done with the PD Magic equalizer.