Diamond D-Rob or Limited Kareem

Which one is better? My other center is bill russell so I thought of getting d rob so I can have at least 1 shooting center

Kareem is definitely “better” but DRob is a stud for sure. Can’t offball with him, as his shot is super quick.

If you need outside shooting DRob is the man. If you like working the post Limited Kareem is, imo, the best auctionable center in the game.

Drob easy

79 3 ball
88 Free Throw
80 Steal
86 Speed
86 Acc
87 Lat Quickness
95 Strength

Can guard 1-5 easy choice and a fraction of the price.

@Kobe6Rings even if he wasn’t a fraction of the price, would he still be better?

@zBliinKs what makes kareem better? What’s better about him?

@razzizle well also d rob can work the post. Because My other center is bill russell who is a non shooter, do you think I need outside shooting for my starting center position?

I have to say yes. His price has to factor even if youre balling.

Seems the biggest difference is the 3 ball and Lat Quicknessin Robinsons favor and extra HOF Badges and rebounding in Kareems favor.

Post game is just dominant. Shaq level. Model size is almost obnoxiously big.

Yeah he can, but Kareem’s badging and animations are better. I mean just the skyhook alone would be the difference since it’s unblockable.

But if you’re gonna run Bill Russell too you need an outside shooter or you’re begging to be double teamed every possession.

Although I run PD Shaq and Limited KAJ, but that’s me being stubborn.

Kareem is one of the few players that have 99 offensive consistency, but I would say Robinson just because I haven’t used Kareem yet

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David Robinson has a huge almost cartoonish build in game. Literally looks roided up. A monster.

@razzizle so do u say I shd get robinson?

Daym I’ve had him for a long time but the mid 80s rebounding put me off. I might have to give him a run with these reviews

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The next Admiral might be better, but this one no way. Better 3, but then badging, tendencies and animations are just worse or way worse

Only reason I was okay with that was because with Coach Pop he gets +5 to Off and Def Rebounds taking him to 91 and 92 respectively.

3 pointers are too valuable and the post game isn’t always a guarantee bucket

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Of you’re a big fan of post game he’s amazing. 999/1000 people that play this game can’t defend the post and if they offball you the CPU is terrible in the paint.

But, DRob has enough of a post game and his player model and animations make him play bigger than 7’1". Also his perimeter defense is great and his shot is super easy to time.

D rob is a glitchy monster.

Has destroyed Wilt for me numerous times.

I’ve used every C he’s my favorite so far.

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What shoe did you put on him?